14 Jul 2009

Colaba Causeway (Shahid Bhagat Singh Marg)

Incredible India

On a stormy, rainy night, a tourist and a new-found friend find shelter in a plastic sheet covered stall that cater to the tourists who walk up and down Colaba Causeway. They were woken up by the stall owner at 11am. If he turns out to be like Shantaram, we can expect a book about his nonsense chats in Leopold, walks up and down the Causeway and that stormy night he slept on the street.

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magiceye said...

wonderful capture!!

slew said...

wow super! welcome to mumbai gopal! i missed your show in blore [too tired that day after the ride]. i can already smell a mumbai show coming...

Abhinay said...

That means u r back in Mumbai, Gops, will see u soon, nice shot! Abhinay!

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