11 Jul 2009

Milan Subway, Santa Cruz (W)

Happy boy and his not so happy feet.

Even if you have to live like this boy's feet in these shoes for a long time, if you have a dream, however wild it may seem, it's said that city of Mumbai has the power to bring it alive. And Amit, who say, "My home address is Red House, near Green Park, where cricket is played in Kanpur, and now in Bambai", sees no hope in Mulayam's Cycle or Mayawati's Elephant. He's in Mumbai to become a pilot even if he has to slum it out doing odd jobs. Over the next two years, he plans to make 2 Lakh Rupees to fund his flying lessons. Go Captain go!


Anonymous said...

This is just brilliant Gopal :)

sweetimj123@gmail.com said...

i love this one

magiceye said...

land of dreams!

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