25 Oct 2009

Airoli + Parel + Sea Link

Pic 1: Auto Rickshaw driver with an MH43 number plate at Airoli

Work Space Mumbai
A Peek Into Where Mumbaikars Spend Most Of Their Lives

Like you, Mumbaikars spend most of their time at work. Among colleagues who know that when shit hits the roof, it's not them but the family that will be with them. Even though Mumbaikars know that they spend most of the time with colleagues, as family. The real family is elsewhere, missing them. The presence. Tolerating the shit dished out to them, when it comes to time and presence.

There was a song in a badly made movie called Border. It was called Ghar Khab Aaoge? If it struck a chord with Mumbaikars, it was because even though they are not in freezing Kargil or bone dry Rann they knew what soldiers go through, just that it's many degrees lower. That's the reason the auto drivers have that line as a sticker (with a picture of a beautiful girl) in that confined work space. celebrating Diwali with a light strung to his windshield (pic above). It's his personal bunker with a ticking meter behind him, on the left. Storming the border between poverty and rotis, boiled rice and bhakris on his family's humble plate.

That's what separates island Mumbai from the rest of India beside the Thane Creek and Ullhas river. The respect that it bestows on people who work hard for a living and respect their dreams. The workspace in this city's sanctum sanctorum. It's Siddhi Vinayak, Haji Ali, Mahim Church, Fire Temple. My Salaam, Salute, Namaste.

Note: I'm partial to workspaces that give non-stop view of life on the streets.

Taxi driver. Parel.

Mumbai's best view: The crane operator on the Sea Link project.


Anil P said...

The second picture is beautiful. It tells the story of a taxi driver at night.

I suppose it might be MH4. MH3 would be in city limits.

Mumbai Paused said...

Thanks. It was MH43. Navi Mumbai/Vashi Regn.

Flaneurbanite said...

Lovely shot of the Sea Link. What's the crane still doing there? I thought it was all done and dusted?

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