20 Oct 2009

Dr Ambedkar Road, Parel

Carding Machine

Damodar Hall

Spinning Stories Series. Giran Gaon aka Mill City

Damodar Hall is a popular place where people congregate for social functions. It's part of the Social Service League High School and what was once the MG Textile Training Institute. It was one of the four major textile training institutes that catered to the needs of what was once Mumbai's biggest industry - Textiles. Today, only two textile training schools remain - Sasmira and VJTI. They cater to a needs of modern textile industry that operate from other cost effective locations.

In the corner of the Damodar Hall is a miniature replica of a Carding Machine that was used to train students. People attending the engagements, namkarans and wedding receptions, especially the older people, mill around the replica and are seen chattering about the machines that were dear to them once upon a time.

That's because, along with the mills, the MGTTI also closed down. However it survived until the year 2000.

I was there for an engagement of a friend who studied Textile Engineering at Sasmira, VJTI and then finally at IIT, Delhi.

Shakti Mills, Mahalakshmi.

Smokeless Chimneys in Worli.

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