17 Oct 2009

Jambul Marg, Vashi

Mumbai's favourite flower during festivals.

It's a non-stop procession of hundreds of Mahindra pickup trucks/jeeps loaded with the golden harvest during festivals on the highways leading into Mumbai. And it's a treat to watch. On my way to Mumbai from Bangalore during Dassera, I saw it arrive on the turbaned heads of farmers at the nearest town. On the backs of on Bajaj M80s and Hero Honda CD100s. And then on Mahindra Pick-ups and Tata lorries to Mumbai where they are sold on the streets and in the markets. A golden treat, all the way from Kolhapur District to Mumbai. The tentacles of this city reach a long way. And the celebrations too.

Happy Deepavali, India. You are very beautiful.

Note: The boy in the picture was accompanying his father. He was NOT made to work.


Anonymous said...

fantastic...nice poignant shot!

Ghanshyam Nair said...

I notice that the bus in the background, with the headlights and the eyebrow-like pattern in front looks like a quizzical face. Was that something you wanted to frame, or did it just happen to pop in?

SloganMurugan said...

I had clicked a couple of shots of the same boy, however I chose to post this image because of the BEST bus in the background. :)

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