28 Oct 2009

Lala Lajpatrai Road

Lapataganj - Haji Ali

The subway and Haji Ali shrine surroundings are filled with missing faces and contact numbers.


Bhagwad Jal Park said...

Doesn't it surprise you that "Restaurant" is pronounced in English and written in hindi? It seems that 20% of the words we use while speaking hindi are English!

Why is that I wonder? Are there no hindi words we can use? Not commenting on whether its a good or a bad thing. Language is language and one can't predict how it'll turn out - just curious.

SloganMurugan said...

I did, but the it has become common place. It's a brand name after all. Like the Haji Ali Juice Centre. And we have also become adept as using Latin Script for Indian names. Just like how Sanskrit, Persian, and Arabic words are common place in Hindi, we will be enriching Hindi basha with English words. It's the same with all languages I guess. It's a pleasure to listen and watch. The people who refuse to change and the language that refuses to change... dies.

flaming coppercat said...

i just love love english mis-spellings... like frutslad [fruit salad] and ebilible [available] :)

rama said...

I really like all your pictures.

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