27 Nov 2009

Giran Gaon (Mill Village)

Frozen after the siren. The abandoned office of the floor manager, the way it was at the time of the last siren.

Spinning Stories. Mills of Mumbai Series.

For over a century and a half, long before the skyscrapers, the made-to-stand chimneys of the mills defined Mumbai. They stood tall through good times and bad. The boom fuelled by the American Civil War followed by the crash at the end of that war. The rich cultural contribution to Marathi culture and freedom struggle by the people who worked in the mills to the waves of diseases that wiped out workers living in crowded conditions. The mills and the city that surrounds it have seen it all.

Many of these buildings, built to last for centuries and provide employment and profits for generations stand. But the world that they were built in and built for is no more. And everyone in a space starved city would love to lay their hands on the skeletal remains of the Mumbai mills. In the world of vertical growing cities, the chimneys of the mills are dwarfs from an extinct world.



Abhijit Dharmadhikari said...

Lovely light captured!

Flaneurbanite said...

Beautiful, beautiful. Love the mellow light!

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