9 Dec 2009

Dr. B R Ambedkar Road, Parel

Work Space Mumbai Series: Face in the crowd.

It's the main characters that make or break a movie or a television programme. But what happens in the background can be equally and sometimes even more interesting. Like the buildings and sets in the background that add to the storytelling becoming the recorded history of the times we live in.

Similarly, the character of the people who work as extras can tell a lot about the times we live in too (Remember the dancers behind Jitendra and Jayaprada in those Telugu movie remakes?).

This kid makes a few extra bucks when he is not at school working as an extra for movies, television programmes and commercials. He's a face in the crowd. He's represents 'us' in a movie by mimicking the motions of our life.


An 'A' Grade or young, good looking extra is paid about Rs. 1000/- a day. Depending on your looks, style, etc. the rates differ. The minimum rate is approximately Rs 300/- a day plus the breakfast, lunch or dinner on the sets (depending on the shift).


A few Mumbai movies to watch for what's in the background:
Jaane bhi do yaaron: For seeing the India of the early 80s. The Osibisa posters, etc.
Chalti ka naam gaadi: For seeing the streets of Bombay.
Bluffmaster (new): Mumbai during the monsoons, in a different light and not the usual angles.

Are there any other movies you like for the same reason?


Mridula said...

Thanks for sharing this and if you have time please look at http://www.gonomad.com/traveltalesfromindia/2009/12/picture-of-mine-in-brunch-but-without.html

I am in dispute with Brunch, they published a photo of mine after cropping my (c) Mridula D!

Anonymous said...

Lovely framing !

@ Mridula

Welcome to the world of Big business thieves !!

Anonymous said...

Chhoti si baat Nariman Point, old BEST buses, Vespa. Chasm-e-baddoor - Delhi of the 80s.

K?K! said...

delhi6... chandani chowk

SloganMurugan said...


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