12 Dec 2009

Horniman Circle

The water cooler.

Many decades ago, when Shiv Sena was still testing the waters in Mumbai politics, they had a campaign demanding free water in Udipi restaurants (even if you don't eat there). A peculiar demand anywhere in the world but not so in Mumbai. This city is hot. It is humid. And it drains H20 out of your every pore. And Paani is the unsaid addition to roti, kapda and makaan. The things that are in short supply in India.

In Mumbai, the most admired form of charity is providing free drinking water. And right in the middle of the 'town' area, at Horniman Circle is a large pot dispensing free drinking water.

It's a really huge pot of water. Filled by bullock drawn carts like it has been for decades.

Plumbing? What's that?

Here. throughout the day, a group of people hired by some rich Gujarati association pays for the pot and the water supply chain that fills the pot with water for people to drink.

The slogan used by the Shiv Sena in its campaign against South Indians: Lungi Utao. Pungi Bajao.


whizkid said...

what a ghastly slogan!

Priyank said...

That's a sexual slogan :P

Pooja Mahimkar said...

haha.. i didnt know about the slogan. and about the water thing.. ill just say wow, i never knew something like this was there.

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