30 Dec 2009

Off D'Monte Road, Bandra (W)

Very very India

Star and Superstar.

2009. The year Indian municipalities discovered the wall.

From Mumbai to Chennai, Bhubaneshwar to Bangalore, 2009 saw the city authorities giving painters, people and graffiti artists permission to paint the walls.

In Bangalore, it was started as a way to stop film posters from being plastered on the walls. In Mumbai, it was to keep the Tulsi Pipe Road from returning to the stink hole it was. And in all places it was an attempt to showcase the city or the state or spread a message.

In Bangalore, Chennai and Bhubaneshwar, the wall paintings are straight out of the Govt. Tourism Department brochures but they did manage to get some good artists from the art colleges. In true TN style, Karunanidhi and Stalin have claimed that it's their idea to beautify their city.

Luckily, Mumbai is different. Here people have been allowed the freedom to paint whatever they want. (Pictures of the Tulsi Pipe Road paintings by Surendra Chaurasiya)

The writing on the walls of these cities are clear. All over India, the governments are still stuck in the Pre Berlin Wall days. The days of Government control and censorship. They are afraid to let the people speak their mind out.

Luckily, Mumbai breaks that mould. Even if it is only few privileged ones who went to paint on Tulsi Pipe Road, the style for the paintings came from the poor gallis off D'Monte Street.


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Vidya Sury said...

Lovely. The latest in Bangalore is the Malleswaram - 8th Main - all the way from 19th cross on 8th main to Yeshwantpur Circle - and the IISc wall on the right - all the way to the Gymkhana. Some of the paintings are fabulous and its amazing how quickly they finish them!

SloganMurugan said...

Yup. I saw them at work around Vidhana Soudha and Lalbag. Very quick.

Anonymous said...

i like that boy and girl on motorbike. it turned me on. when i was a teen i dreamt i also will ghoomo like that in city gallis on motorbike with girlfriend and some journalist will click our photo and it will come on newspaper and make everybody jealous. but the only vehicle i had was second hand bsa-slr bicycle and certainly no girlfriend to tag along :(
so best of luck kids. pls use condom after getting off the motorbike.

jyothy karat said...

love the wall art!

pRiyA said...

hi slogan, thanks for the links. these pictures here and the ones on the links (so many) are terrific. and yes, they are so much more creative than the bangalore walls. but some colour is better than none at all. lets hope the rest of the bangy walls go the mumbay way!

Anonymous said...

banglore pls share the pics....

Vinayak Razdan said...

Great links! I think Jammu too woke up to the art in year 2009.

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