13 Dec 2009

Pali Hill

Work Space Mumbai: The sets.

'In theaters. December 3rd'proclaimed hoardings with just the image of the new improved, cap-less Himesh Reshamiyya across the city.

From producer to music director. Singer to actor, he's pushing himself hard to stay in the limelight. Marketing himself as an all round star and brand. And why not? When the whole city and country runs on self promotion, he's taken the cake (SRK, KRK, and Country Club's Mr Ugly - watch out) and in the process stated a fact about Indians films. The movies are crap. People just ogle at the stars and make music good enough to be remembered for a few weeks. And the hoardings said exactly what everyone wants to say but haven't had the guts - Come See Me.

Bollywood is going through the marketing bubble and like Chaplin in Great Dictator, here's the man who is playing with the bubble.

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