2 Jan 2010

Giran Goan (Mill Village): Shakti Mill Road

Spinning stories. Mills of Mumbai: The old Shakti Mill.

These buildings were built to last. Even after it was partially broken down, it remains strong enough to support a tree that sprouted out of seeds some unsuspecting bird dropped from its hind side. Let's see how long the person who develops this place will take to bring down the tree.

See the full Mills of Mumbai Series here.


Lakshmi said...

the stories must be full of life and vigour too..happy 2010

Bit Hawk said...


Anonymous said...

I love this! Awesome shot. And a wonderful idea for a series. Kudos!

Neha said...

nice pictures and stories.... when did u clicked this series on mills??

Mumbai Paused said...

Over the last 2 months. This was clicked in January.

Anonymous said...

i want the details of Shakti mill (mahalaxmi). if you have any person related to this mill. please contact me on 9860964910 or mail me angel.dealers@yahoo.com
you will have lots of money my dear!! its urgent.. give me any person or contact info urgently.. our person wants to buy this mill.
Sunil S. Aherkar

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