13 Jan 2010

Parel + Bandra




Bollywood Dreaming.

Pa and Kurbaan are two recent feature films that were made by people from the advertising industry. They were made by two people who broke the 15, 30 or 60 seconds story telling barriers of commercials to tell longer stories without a product story.

I work for an advertising agency, surrounded by people with stars in their eyes, churning out ideas that sell things and dreams very effectively. They all hope to quit as soon as they get a break in the industry. That's the reason, the hottest topics of discussion other than work, girls and such louda lassoon (the current favourite word) among most advertising people is - movies. It seems to be the final destination or the final beginning that many in the advertising industry dream of.

Many are writing scripts that they hope to sell or make into movies themselves. Others are honing their writing skills to become the next Prasoon Joshi. Others have moved on to make ad films and that one step closer to making movies. There are people who have gone on to study cinematography and editing. And there are many who act in the commercials their colleagues make.

And why not? Advertising is a pretty good stepping stone to bypass the traditional struggle associated with getting into the Hindi Film Industry. It's a job that pays you while you hone your skills that will be useful when you finally make, shoot, or edit feature films or act in one.

The people in this photographs are my agency colleagues and that's me with the camera.


Anu said...

the first and second pics are just awesome!!!!

Surendra said...

"louda lassoon" ha ha ha. Its not what you think. actually I am surprised you wrote it so blatantly ;-)

Anonymous said...

the last line sounds like the song "That's me in the spot light ..."


PD said...

Dude.. so are you dreaming to be the actor or director or both. Advertising for both is it?

Flaneurbanite said...

Isn't this your first appearance on the blog? :) Really, and I mean really, like this post.

SloganMurugan said...

Thanks, Anu.

Surendra: Yes, I hear that word several times a day!


PD: For me it's one frame at a time. No movie dreams as of now.

Flaneur: Yes! First time.

Deepa said...

Luv the pictures esp the first one and the last one ...

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