18 Feb 2010

Acharya Donde Marg

A simple pleasure: Turn a tap and out comes water!

Mumbai is currently experiencing a serious water shortage. However, that's nothing new. There's no city in India with the capacity to supply enough clean water to its fast growing population. Here in Mumbai, there was an old law in the colonial times that banned bath tubs in a house. And if I remember right, it's a law that still exists on paper.


Flaneurbanite said...

Wait a second - bathtubs use less water than the average shower! And showers are certainly not banned in Bombay.

Sharvani Pinge said...

Hey, I fell in love with this photograph. Really, really expressive!

SloganMurugan said...

Yes, Shilpa. You are right. According to a recent ad that featured Sachin Tendulkar, he asks people to bathe using a bucket of water. That's the BMC recommendation I guess.

Shravani: Thank You.

Abhijit said...

very nice street fotograph...therz a story in it!

Blogeswari said...

Lovely! verrrrry close to my place

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