11 Feb 2010

Sector 16, Vashi

School kids on a truck trailer on Republic Day 2010

Republic Day Notes: Truckin'

The city of Navi Mumbai is on the highway that connects Mumbai and Thane to South India, Goa and most of Maharashtra. It's close to JNPT and is home to many industries. It also has wider roads that's visited by large truck trailers and whenever an organisation or school decides to have a procession, they hire large trucks meant for containers.

Each place has it's own style and in Navi Mumbai, people 'truck'.


magiceye said...

beautifully captured!

Anonymous said...

wow! awesome pic and story. :-)
- window siller

Sid said...

For a second, I got really confused on how there were two levels possible between the children and teachers and the folks on the street.
Then I read your explanation and the tyres of the trailer too came into focus. Very nice shot :)

Deepa said...

haha common u r a disgrace to N mumbai :D shooo!!!!!! hehehe

but u almost make it sound like rock star attitude ;D

SloganMurugan said...


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