5 Apr 2010

Haji Ali

Work Space Mumbai: Best Of Luck! It's Race Day

This Saturday, the day, IPL's Mumbai Indians played at Brabourne was also the day the Mahalakshmi Race Course witnessed a Race Day. The buzz around a racing course is no different from the one that surrounds an IPL match. Traffic jams, crowds, society people, etc. And as you all know, there's an industry that revolves around racing.

One of the foot soldiers of this industry is Mr. Maruti. He's selling the latest information about race horses for seasoned followers and gamblers to make educated bets. He displays the books prominently for the rich who are being chauffeured back home to their So Bo (South Bombay according to Central Mall) homes after Saturday's race. The popular publication is the one called BOL (Best Of Luck).

Technically horse racing is also a sport and the new version of cricket T20 probably has a greater level of uncertainty. No wonder, IPL borrows a lot from racing.

RC Bangalore's owner, Vijay Mallya would know this best. He brings the same pretty faces to VIP stands at IPL but in T shirts. And probably, managing a cricket team is not very different from running the Kunigal Stud Farm.

Also, when IPL runs out of options to make more money, they can always get the politicians who control cricket in India (at BCCI) to legalise gambling. Or maybe we should allow horse racing to be telecast live and help us to worship Mahalaxmi even better. After all, the poor goddess represents the only thing that matters in the new India - wealth.


Paresh Palicha said...

Lot of info about racing and gambling. Last paragraph a real gem.:)

SloganMurugan said...

:) Bout of verbal diarrhoea.

Priyank said...

From Vashi to Lokhandwala to Mahalakshmi to Dadar... what's your real job? :D

SloganMurugan said...

Real job:) Mumbai Darshan

bythewindowsill said...

modi probably took lessons here. :-)

Tanya said...

Fantastic! I love the bus going by and his expression..

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