8 Apr 2010

Sinnar (Nashik Dist.)

People of Mumbai Series: Padayatris

This is one among hundreds of groups of Sai Baba devotees who walk from Mumbai to Shirdi (apprx. distance: 230 kms) come rain, cold or piercing heat.

Devout Mumbaikars love to walk and it's usually done in groups. But Shirdi is not the top walking destination. It's the shorter walk to Siddhivinayak temple in South Central Mumbai that's more popular.

But Padayatras are not just for the religious. Thousands more head for the abandoned forts and summits of the green hills of the Sahayadri every year, especially during the monsoon. If you would love to be part of a walking, talking social networking group, try this: Mumbai Hikers or Mumbai Hikers on Facebook. It's a shame to live so close to the Sahayadris and not see its green magnificence the way it's best seen.


Abhijit said...

Beautiful picture! Colorful and full of story in it!

Paul Nixon said...

They need a name of their own: MumbHaikars.

Paresh Palicha said...

When I saw this picture on my phone in the morning (without reading the commentary), I thought it was a protest march of some kind as we see in Kochi. But, this is amazing. :-)

SloganMurugan said...

Thank you, Abhijit.

Paul: Perfect name :)

Paresh: It's actually not very different from a Sena rally, when they have one. The flag is almost the same.

bythewindowsill said...

brilliant colours against white candy in the sky :-)

Priyank said...

I know lots of people who have been on that padayatra.... the flag represents the old Maratha empire, Sena just politicised it. :)

monsoon-dreams said...

what a combination of colours!the roof seems to be made to match the colours of the sky!even the milestone adds to the composition.one of your best pics,i would say.

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