5 Jun 2010

Eastern Express Highway

Monsoon 2010: Pre-monsoon clouds. Here to tease us.


MJ said...

Beautiful, as always.

Curry Spice said...

on my commute home everyday... but never seen it captured so well!

monsoon-dreams said...

beautiful sky!wish we could get rid of those electric lines.

Paresh Palicha said...

Monsoon seems to be teasing us this time around, the skies remain bright as if it is March-April, with sporadic showers ending within minutes. :-(

Mumbai Paused said...

Thank you.
Monsoon, I guess it's tough to avoid electric lines and stuff in this city. That's what makes up this city.
Paresh: True. I heard that the monsoon is a tease this year in Kerala. Expect more surprises there and elsewhere is the forecast :(

MJ said...

Perhaps you may already be aware, but still - PhotoShop can easily get rid of the power lines. I'd seen a tutorial on Youtube

Mumbai Paused said...

MJ: I'm aware, but I prefer not to use photoshop.

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