7 Jun 2010

Off Samanth Bhai Nanji Road, Dongri

Carrom Clubs of Mumbai Series: Fraud Carrom Club, Dongri.

Two B-grade film Muslim underworld boys with skull caps, thick black eye liners, black mole, a dance bar girl in navel-revealing outfit and an angry looking female gangster. A stereotype Dongri created for a Bollywood action film around a carrom table.

Here are the real local Dongri boys who have been called in to control the crowd. The crowd is made up of workers from the local workshops, travel agents who specialise in the Gulf route, Hajj and Iraqi Shia pilgrimages, Arab traders who stay in cheap lodges in the area, Malabari shopkeepers, and lots of kids who are enjoying the summer holidays.

The local boys, dressed in jeans, caps and like ghetto boys anywhere in the world, they look like youngsters who spend more time playing games in cybercafes or exchanging stuff on their mobile phones. But they do speak colourful Mumbaiya like in the movies.

See the full series: Carrom Clubs of Mumbai.


Anonymous said...

woah! beautiful... but it also makes me think that this world could be anywhere... in thailand, in brazil, in europe too.
something very universal in the last two pics.

SloganMurugan said...

Global ghetto. Here are the boys in Paris.
La Haine Montage


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