31 Jul 2010

Dadar Beach

Monsoon 2010: Boarded up for the Monsoon.


Anonymous said...

A pity if there is no pani puri during monsoon...coz thats when you feel like having it the most.

The second pic has a real nice vantage point esp if there is a dramatic sky. You should visit there often! It'd be very interesting to see how it looks in different seasons perhaps?

Curry Spice said...

Fantastic... I love love love the sea link in the distant.. so proud!

wildflower said...


Shreya said...

i spent such random days out here as a kid :] these pictures are amazing, the second one especially.

SloganMurugan said...

HydSeek: Thaks for the tip. Will try to click it in season or different time of the day.

Thank you all. :)

comparedeal said...

Best clicks buddy, You have really made Mumbai very live, Awesome :)

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