8 Jul 2010

Dr Annie Besant Road

Spinning Stories. Mills of Mumbai Series: Century Mills - Worli.

After about a century of existence, this is what remains of the Century Mill that occupied prime position in the Worli. The main office of the textile company that owned it continues to function from the office block along with a 'showroom'.

The mill closed down in 2006 and the production shifted elsewhere to a place with lower real estate prices. Right now, part if where the mill stood is a beehive of construction making vertical space to justify the price of real estate it stands on.

The lobby is lined with cups and shields that were won by the mill and the employees. Including this one that was won in 1996 at the local Kabaddi Tournament.

To see the full series, click here.


Iniyaal said...

Interesting wall art in the first picture... It is beautiful. Difficult to see such eye catching detailed work now a days, especially at the site of a textile mill.

SloganMurugan said...

Yes. I hope that they will let it stay

jabalporejack said...

Great eye, you make the process of decline so visual. Each photo tells a story that goes beyond the image. For a good book on the story of the rise and fall of Mumbai's mills, I recommend Darryl D'Monte's "Ripping The Fabric: The Decline Of Mumbai And Its Mills".

Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...

Thank you, Jabalpore. I have heard of the book and never found it. Also, I just tried to get it on flipkart. It's out of stock, will get it soon I guess. They will let me know soon.

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