15 Jul 2010

Evershinenagar, Malad (W)

Neighbourhood Studio.

The best part about visiting the local studio for a passport sized photo or for getting some prints is looking at the photographs on display. It's a reflection of the life and aspirations of the neighbourhood. Across the country, these are usually the mandatory photographs to attract customers, and in the following order.

1. Infants and kids
2. Young girls and models
3. Wedding
4. Bollywood star portraits and their visit to a local event
5. Retouched and restored portraits of an earlier generation
6. A local politician

The above picture was shot in a studio in Malad (W) and as you can see the aspiration is clearly Karan Johar and Star Plus. Also, look at the Muslim couple in the background.

For comparison sake, here are a couple of photographs from the wall of a studio in a lower-middle class part of JC Nagar, Bangalore.


Sam said...

The last one is telling in a sad kind of way

SloganMurugan said...

Explains the new India

Anubha Gujral said...

Love the K'jo effect more than the B'lore studio, it reminds me of some darn childhood images of myself.

Abhijit said...

Nice photo story..

snigdha said...

this is so fasinating and nostalgic. its been ages since i visited any such studio but i know wot u are talking about. there are also these images of some guru or jai mata di phhotos with agarbatti which i have seen in delhi. :-)

Indian Bazaars said...

Nice post! It has been fascinating for us too to look around the studios to see what they choose to showcase.

Sankara Subramanian C said...

Awesome post! The local studios do capture vibrant images. It is good to see someone give recognition to these slowly disappearing shops.

Anonymous said...

yeah, I agree with Sam. the last one is very sad in a wry way. :(

Vandy said...

I think the last one told a story. His clothes changes, his hair got neater but it is his face that remains as elegant as ever.

joshi daniel said...

the last image is crazy ;)

Iniyaal said...

Interesting... The last one applies to many aspects of our society today.. where truth is so different from the twisted 'made-up' versions.

Archana said...

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