14 Jul 2010

Goregaon (E)

This city is a scarred and scared one. All you have to do is count the number of people dressed and labelled as security people that you will meet on a normal working day. It's an elaborate show put up to calm our nerves. But the good news is, like from our national defence budget, someone somewhere is making money.


Marijke said...

Well my friend i agree.
security everywhere even in schools..and in baby creches U remember the attacks???In Belgium??
well the guy sure looks happy...He has a job
and ur work is like always supurb.!!!oepsie its suburp...Jesus help me. well its SUPER!!!!!

Lakshmi said...

behind the so called spirit of mumbai is a lot of nerves ..

abha said...

short and pithy capsule statement

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Nice and so true :)

Giuseppe Marroni said...

I guess that happens in every where, cool pic!!

Madras Eye said...

Fantastic picture. Especially love the scratches on the lift wall.

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