27 Jul 2010

Lalubhai Compound, Deonar

Concrete cages.

Lalubhai Compound sits close to Deonar Abattoir, is surrounded by the Mankhrud and Gowandi slums that stretch as far as the eye can see that could easily make Dharavi look like Asia's smallest slum.

Not too far away in the east, we can see the mountains we created entirely made of what we threw in the dabba to make Mumbai Chaka-chak; it's smoky stench underlines all the other smells that you can grow immune to if you spend some time here.

This group of damp concrete boxes, with one-room with kitchen homes and common toilets are dream home for the millions who live in our slums.

The mark left by the 2010-1 Census officials (hats off to them!) who have meticulously counted each and every one of the residents who reside here. Not an easy task because besides the families who live here, the anopheles mosquito-infested corridors of the building have relatives and visitors who have spilled out of the cramped living area.

As a result of the wonders of the great Indian architectural style of the 20th century, sunlight and wind usually take a long time to find a window to pass through.

Windows get enough sunlight to support India's favourite indoor plant, the 'Money plant'.

Here in Lalubhai Compound, many of the homes are also workplaces. Several of the ground floor homes sell groceries through their windows. However, the building design do not allow the kind of space required for the kind of businesses that flourish in Dharavi or Govandi.

Nothing like a little green to break the monotony of symmetrical concrete blocks.

Social glue. Each block has its own place of worship and 'Mitra Mandals'


Anonymous said...

Food within boundaries.
Food without boundaries.
Too good the first picture.
Thanks for sharing. Keep clicking.

Shreya said...

I like each of your photographs...there is no point in commenting every single time cause I like them all :)

SloganMurugan said...

Thank you Appuji and Shreya. Will continue to click and share.

Kunal Bhatia said...

Isn't it incredible - what we can do to our fellow countrymen..

Indu said...

Love these pictures Gopal esp the cycle pic! :-)

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