18 Jul 2010

Mankhurd Station

The Death Smile

Before it was dumbed down by competition from Mumbai Mirror, Mid-day used to publish the daily death toll of the number of people killed on our local train network daily, along with the total for the year.

The numbers averaged around 20 daily, if I remember correctly. And if you are daily commuter, you would have a fair chance of seeing atleast one of the unfortunate victim lying wasted on a platform, on a stretcher with a white shroud covering the face and a trickle of blood streaming on to the platform. The last train trip will be in the goods compartment to the mortuary.

It's the reckless young men who are the usual victims. Stretching their head out of speeding trains to be knocked down by poles. Riding the roof to be charred by high voltage overhead wires. Walking and crossing tracks listening to music on their mobile phones. Almost all of them wearing the stupid smile like in the picture shown above.


Curry Spice said...

So grim! But on the bright side.. i might run into you tomorrow

Paresh Palicha said...

And we complain that the death toll is just a statistic for us Indians unless one of our own is involved. :(

Vandy said...

How true. Well said...unfortunately nothing can be done.

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