7 Aug 2010

Cawasji Patel Road

Yazdani Bakery And Restaurant.

The owner of this old, heritage bakery in Fort takes health, the kind of grains that go into the making of his products, environment, nation and almost everything very seriously. No wonder it tastes so yum. If you are in the Fort Area, drop by for a chai, conversations (with the man at the counter, if he is in a good mood) and lots of goodies to eat.


wildflower said...

Ilove this city a lot. Your pictures make me love it all the more..!

Sagar Kolte said...

Damn it! I wanted to cover this before you! I am so in love with this place. Have you had their egg pops?

SloganMurugan said...

Thank you. Wildflower.

Sagar. You should still cover it. Show it the way you see it. I will try the egg pop next time. I had bun maska.

Madras Eye said...

This is brilliant! I love how you do these little photo essays, and convey the mood of a place so effortlessly.

SloganMurugan said...

Thank you.

Curry Spice said...

dude.. i love... lets go sometime please... im still waiting for m ali rd shoot

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