23 Aug 2010


Fasting can be tiring

And a joke and a smile can make it easier

Preparing the first course of the evening fast breaker

Tired faces wait for the call for prayer

Ramadaan 2010 Series: Mumbai Fast.

Mumbaikars are the world's biggest 'fasters'. Because in Mumbai, the word fasting is also used for special diets.

Other than the Muslims during the holy month, people from every other religion in the city is on some kind of fast throughout the year and several days a week. Giving up food is (rightly) considered the best way to test one's will power.

Most people here are fasting on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Then there's the month of Shravan, Lent, etc. And don't be surprised to see people who claim to be fasting, eating in Mumbai, because fasting comes with strange diet rules about eating grains and meats that would make understanding Japanese food etiquette look easy.

Plus, if you are inviting a Mumbaikar home for lunch or dinner, never forget to ask him or her in advance. There's a good chance that he or she is fasting that day.

PS: As I write about fast, there's a huge vegetarian Onam meal being prepared at home!


Anonymous said...

fasting once a week is always good they say.
Nice photographs - Thanks for sharing.

sai kothai said...

very nice, gopal. about fasting, read sara suleri's book "meatless days" --- about the grandmother...
i think the book is out of edition. she's a pakistani writer. one of the loveliest pakistani writers i have ever read. there's something about the writings of muslim pakistani women...far lovelier than indian women's works.

Shreya said...

i like the last picture the most :) i have nooooooo clue why, but it reminds me of the last supper :)

SloganMurugan said...

Shreya: I would imagine the last supper the same way. Why would they sit in a row, posing for a painting?

Sai: The book is availabale online. check it out here: http://www.flipkart.com/meatless-days-sara-suleri-book-0226779815

SloganMurugan said...

Appu: Yes. I wish I could fat. No will power, I guess

monsoon dreams said...

Happy Onam!beautiful pics and the write up.love the last pic the most.i can see the tiredness on their faces and eagerness to have food.

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