10 Sep 2010

Ganesh Galli, Lalbag

Mysore (ಮೈಸೂರು - Maisūru) Chamundeshwari Temple is this year's theme at Ganesh Galli Ganapati Pandal, Lalbag.

That's demon Mahishasura's statue that's being prepared to greet Ganesh bhakts who will come to view Lalbagcha raja. An exact replica of the same statue that welcomes people at the roundabout just before you enter the temple complex on Chamundi hills.

And why am I excited? Because it's from my home state and Mysore is my favourite city, even though I have never lived there.

And yes, Ganesh Chaturti is as big a festival in Karnataka as it is in Maharastra and shares the same history. One of the earliest known inscription of Marathi is found in Sravanabelagola, not too far from Mysore in Southern Karnataka and the languages spoken in Karnataka share many similarities with Marathi.


Curry Spice said...

you went lalbagh.. awesome.. did you see the lalbaghcha raja. So cool.
post more pics please

The knife said...

Wonderful composition. Makes me wish that I had jumped out of the cab at the shop making Durga idols at Kokata which I saw on my way to the airport

Giribala said...

Nice! I had seen the Mahishasura statue in Mysore many years ago.

Sanjana M said...

Love this picture!

mumbai paused said...

Curry: Yes, I did.

Knife: You should! I can imagine how beautiful Kolkata can be!

Girbala, Sanjana: Thank you!

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