30 Sep 2010

Girgaon Chowpatty

The sword in the crowd.

Not an appropriate photograph for today, the Judgement Day. But there can be nothing more overwhelming or frightening than a congregation of us Indians. You never know when a group of Indians morphs into a mob and who is in control, the gods or the devil.

Safe behind their black cats that protect them are the only people who can feel the pulse of millions at the same time and can control the adrenaline waves that flow through the mob. In India, terrorism is also political parties asking you to stay calm while we have no clue, what they plan to unleash, where.

Soon after 26/11, our Prime Minister came on National Television and promised to revamp the laws that govern our Policing System. A promise that will never be kept, because our politicians are not ready to let go of the strings that allow them to control people. The mob is India most powerful political tool. And we are the willing puppets.


SUR NOTES said...

Arrey, I must send you some images. I had filmed in one workshop where the ganpatis were being made( by bihari migrants). This one was in the process of being painted( the ganpati on shiva's head).

(my word verification is reasur ! )

Anu said...

actually, it is an apt pic for the day! the lord and the sword... aah.. they rhyme too!

Vidya Sury said...

well said, Gopal, as we wait and watch.

Lakshmi said...

its indeed an apt picture..awesome :)

Marijke said...

as long as politicians protect themselves everything will stay as it is

monsoon dreams said...

True words!Anyway glad that the day was peaceful.

Aroop Bose said...

Your photographs never fail to fascinate me.

bythewindowsill said...

the image really brings out the popular mob sentiment... on many issues. really good pic.

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