1 Sep 2010

Mumbai Central + Bandra Terminus

Western Railway's Flying Ranee (Surat - Mumbai Central - Surat Super Fast)

Now, that's a good name for a train. It's so much better than the politically motivated, boring names like the Garib Rath. They could have at least given it a name with some spark like the Sampark Kranti. However, the name 'Duranto' must be the most interesting names ever given for a train. 'Quick' in Bengali sounds like 'A Bad End' in Hindi.

The Flying Ranee runs on the Western railway on the main line that connects Mumbai and Gujarat. It's a very efficiently run stretch and the best thing, according to me, are the double-decker cars on the Ranee and the Valsad Fast Passenger, which probably is the only really 'fast' running passenger on our railway system. I'm waiting for a chance to hop into one of them and click pictures on a busy working day.

1 comment:

Gauri Sharma said...

"Flying Ranee"....very creative :)

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