28 Nov 2010


“If there is day, there has to be night. If there is God, there has to be evil. And that’s what I want to reveal. Horror is my only calling and I will fulfill it all the way through.”

Shyam Ramsay (of Ramsay Brothers), speaking to Aastha Atray in this week's Tehelka. This photograph was clicked at Ramsay's home in Andheri to support the story about India's favourite horror film maker.


Curry Spice said...

Im a horror story buff. I used to love the Zee horror show till the aliens found me and I had to put an X on my window. Ofcourse it helped that Agent Mulder was cute. I dig this portrait. What fun!

pRiyA said...

Whatta face! Neat picture.

Aroop Bose said...

I would not like to see this gentleman ever in the night flashing the torch on my face. The expression is well captured.

krishna1975 said...

Thanks a lot Mr Ramsay, I love your Movies.Because When I saw horror movies,My prayers to the GOD are intensifies.My faith to the GOD more strengthens,because if there is evil,there is GOD. Existence of Evil, assures that there is GOD. "Rama" Exist because of Ravana.Thank you gain Ramsay to make me more spiritual.

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