19 Dec 2010

Bandra (E), Kurla (W), Wadala (S), Shivajinagar

Sabeel (Water coolers) Decorations. Muharram 2010.

A mosque built on a (drilled) household wooden plank used by people to sit on.

A simple Sabeel.

An elaborate one from Kurla.

And finally, the decorators:


Anu said...

Great pics! saw quite a few of these near my house, but couldnt take any pics.

Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...

Thank you

Siddhartha Joshi said...

these are 'tazias'. i used to see so many of them years ago in a small town called sitargunj, in uttar pradesh.

the pictures are very nice, am glad you covered the creative contributors as well :)

Prutha said...

the railway track pictures r incredible

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