12 Dec 2010

Kanda-Batata Market, APMC Vashi

On the footpath outside APMC, you get onions for just Rs. 16 a kilo, salvaged from the rotting lot that arrived from Nashik.

The rot set in with the unseasonal rain last month wiping out most of the crop in Western Maharashtra and Gujarat. Since then the price has sky-rocketed. A kilometer away in the retail market, a kilo of onion costs Rs. 50.


Aroop Bose said...

We cannot afford onions so we will have to be satisfied by seeing the pictures of onions you have posted.

Anu said...

we had been there a couple of months back to buy about 40 Kg of onions and potatoes... and the shopkeeper mentioned that the price was Rs65. we didnt understand, and wondered whether the price was per kg, or what! it turned out it was 65 per 10 kg.. just 6.5 Rs per Kg! only, we had to get a full sack which had about 45-50 Kgs! we happily bought them!! and at the time, the market had onions at around 25 per kg!

Slogan Murugan aka Gopal M S said...

Well worth the trip! Keep it a secret!

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