28 Jan 2011

Shell Colony Road

I'm not 100% sure, but these are supposed to be left behind by Hijras, or "others" as the 2011 Census will count them as, outside a Desi Daaru shop after they have paid their money.

A signboard from the days before RR Patil cracked his whips and closed down the Dance Bars.


Anonymous said...

Sexy !
- Jolene

Curry Spice said...

hey Im really curious. How is the census information collected. What is the awareness that is spread interms of campaigns that make people register. My friend Rick in New York (I shared his wordpress site with you) made a film on the Sikh community on census awareness.(Indians in the US are called others - Black, white, Asian and others).

Curry Spice said...

One thing I hated being in the US was a legal alien who is an other.

Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...

The census collection is a pretty straight forward and well organised operation. They come to your home and in case you weren't home, you can go to the closest Municipal/Council/Panchayat office and give your information.

It's usually the teachers from the local school who will note down your information.

Once you have registered, you will now have to get your data entered for the UID. You will get a door knock soon from the friendly neighbourhood teacher (at least, the teachers in my area are) to get your photo clicked.

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