7 Mar 2011

Off Jambul Marg, Vashi

Surviving Trades Of Mumbai: Vasudev.

Incarnations of incarnation, Vasudevs are respected as incarnations of Krishna and go around enacting the life of Krishna with songs and dance. Nowadays, however with people prefering extremely cheap costume dramas and zero dimension, 2 D animated mythological stories on TV, the Vasudevs who probably have a better story to tell, go around begging.

If you spot them on the road, stop and listen. They still possess the skills to say timeless stories, the better way.

See the full series: Surviving Trades Of Mumbai


MJ said...


Curry Spice said...

G that girl sticking her tongue out at you is so cute. What a lovely Vasudev you found. I love this series. Yeh you are back!

abhijit said...

excellent subject captured...

The Globetrotter said...

krishna...hare krishna.

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