23 Mar 2011

Shahid Bhagat Singh Maidan, Kala Chowkie

Mumbai Shree 2011.

It's the biggest event for all the body builders of Mumbai. The crowning of Mumbai Shree. Though the competition is intense between the best built men in Mumbai. The real battle for the contestants and most of the audience is the battle with the man in the mirror. An advertising slogan on the Tee shown above for a nutrition supplement says it all.

Freaky mutations are OK for a cartoon character. Not on us.

It's not easy to battle the man in the mirror. The ones who won were on the stage. But there were hundreds in the crowd who had the wrong shapes. Those who gave up the fight, those who injected more than just spinach and walking around with the unsaid message: Don't fight your genetics with steroids.

No spinach for our Popeyes. There was a whole range of scientifically designed muscle food. All you need to do is choose the type of body you want.

Spinach is for sissies.

And finally, the guardian and inspiration of Mumbai Bodybuilders on stage - Hanuman surrounded by slogans: Mass factor and Power to the people.


Curry Spice said...

We need to have a conversation about this.

The Globetrotter said...

the last pic is a very good one

Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...

Thank you,

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