13 Mar 2011

Bandra (W)

Work Space Mumbai: Change the world from Bandra.

The headline in a newspaper prominently displayed at common work-place in Bandra called as the Hub says what people from Bandra and those who hang=out there believe. That they can change the world from here.

Space is the most precious commodity in Mumbai and the Hub offers cheap, shared working space for 'social' entrepreneurs. It's the better alternative to those of you who conduct business in the local chai shop or some secret nook that's become their Work Central Perk.

There's an equivalent of this model in Bangalore too. It's called as 'Jaaga' or Space.

The lure is simple at both these Jagaahs. It's that you can meet interesting, like-minded people, share coffee, breathe through the same wi-fi connection, and have an informal work space. And it costs peanuts.

I must say that the people I noticed were not social change makers but designers, consultants and photographers with no cause except their own.

So who is a 'Social' entrepreneur? If you have a good cause and cool start-up but no space in this vertical city, you are the one.

However, what I found most interesting about the place (for capitalist pigs like me with no social cause) were the events that's open to the public (with discounts for members). I attended a talk by a woman who talked about designing working and living space in space ships. She used to work for NASA and is now designing stuff for ISRO right here in Mumbai (provided they manage to send something higher up than they can now).

Right place for her to work because I think people who work in Mumbai will be at home in a cramped space station and can best design such a space, we can do almost anything in a crowded local train.

So if you have an idea, go change the world with chillers as rent.

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The Globetrotter said...

wwwooowww really interesting.

Jidhu Jose said...


Curry Spice said...

Did you hear Sushmita Mohanty speak here (the space craft lady- NASA, ISRO)?

Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...


Vishant Pachisia said...

You should really check out Pali Village sometime.
I hear there are some amazing graffitis and pictures which can be captured. :)

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