26 Mar 2011

Yari Road + Lokhandwala

Deepak Dobriyal Chal Pada.

"...people recognise him as Rajju fromOmkara, Mamdu from Delhi 6, Bhati from Gulaal or Pappi from Tanu Weds Manu — all characters who have not even been given the dignity of a grown-up name. Yet, Dobriyal is often the face you remember the most from these movies."

Deepak drove me around Andheri (W) as we clicked a few pictures on a hot day. We had fun shopping for the most colourful shirt we could find. That was easy because people in Lokhandwala wear the most outrageous colours that would have made even Deepak's colourful characters blush. So finally, we chose on of the more sober ones.

And finally, a shot of a section of Deepak Dobriyal's library. It's always a pleasure to go through the titles that populate the shelves in an home.


Paresh Palicha said...

The last one got me drooling dear! :-)

Curry Spice said...

I love the shot of him with the pigeons. I think this set of portraits goes very well with the tehelka story. Wish they would have seen it that way too. the suitcase shot all the way to the books. Fantastic narrative it makes.
Also Ingmar bergman book. so curious to see. Fav film maker.

vidu said...

excellent images Gopal...

Prutha said...

i love the peigon shot in the end..and yes..very interesting to know what he reads

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