5 Apr 2011

Azad Maidan

Fast for India. Azad Maidan April 5th 2011.

A few hundred people turned up at Azaad Maidan to fast. The organisers had to explain what fasting means to the crowd because in Mumbai, fasting is a loose term. You will see people who claim to be on fast eating all kinds of high calorie food. So Mumbaikars, this was a real 'fast'. No solid food for 24 hours.

A pretty young thing makes her stand clear.

But the most energetic people were these two who were around when Gandhi was fasting.

Desi bottled water for the fasting people.

The people leading the campaign and their message to the Lok Sabha.

Azad Maidan is earmarked for protests and India Against Corruption fast sidelined another fast.

This is a protester from another one close by, listens to the songs sung by the fasting corruption fighters.

These fasting protesters had to hold fort before the procession from Shivaji Park reached Azad Maidan. The songs and slogans seemed to be general rants against Birla and Tata. Staple hits from other protests. They were going all over the place until the real agenda was explained after the procession arrived 2 hours behind schedule. They were held up by TV crew and supporters on the street.

It looks like people were waiting for a face they can trust in the fight against corruption. But he has a long way to go before he reaches tipping point. We don't trust anyone easily these days. i.e. Except ads on TV, Nigerian frauds, and Astrologer Baba Bengali.

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