1 Apr 2011


Smile: Thanks to the pleasure of placing the order in the mother tongue.

A story I did for MumbaiBoss.com: A TASTE LIKE HOME

For hard working youngsters from other places, there are two ways to cure homesickness. They can take the next train home or order a thali.

What is you taste of home? Unlimited Andhra Mess or Asal Malwani, Kerala Beef fry or Assam Fish Curry? View the full photo story here.


Curry Spice said...

What did u order? They are all smiles. Such a lovely picture. Is that puff in the front in the glass case?
This is a nice series. Do post more.

Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...

I ordered Idli :)

Sanjana M said...

Lovely photograph!


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