3 May 2011

Dr Shirodkar Road, Parel

Bahadur. The second coming.

Followers of Gods and Godmen can claim and predict rebirth because that's a claim that they can cash forever. Because it's never going to happen. However, in the case of a comic book character like Bahadur who was very popular in the early 80s, rebirth is very a possible idea. Especially if the creator wants to breathe life into a once alive and kicking character who fought dacoits in the heart of India with a Neetu Singh-like Bela backing him up.

Aabid Surti's Bahadur, originally published by Times of India, is back and takes virtual steps online at bahadur.in

The character, originally drawn by Govind Brahmania has been retouched for a new age by his son Pramod Brahmania. The website currently has the first Bahadur story - The Red Brick House. Unlike other classic Indian online comic sites, these are not scanned images, but recreated for better viewing by Brahmania Jr.

Pramod Brahmania. Illustrator.

Aabid (3 decades back he was just Abid) and Brahmania Jr have a whole new set of strips and comic ideas, to recreate the Bahadur magic for the 21st century. They are talking to the right publishers to print the new improved version.

This is my copy of the first Bahadur issue. (I got it as a gift from filmmaker Karan Bali when he was researching Indian comics a decade back)

I wonder whom Bahadur will fight. These days the dacoits sit in Parliament. And most of all we will miss Ram and Shyam on the back cover.


Radha said...

wonderful :)

and it is lovely to see that old Ram aur Shyam Poppins ad!

Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...


vinay brahmania said...

by the way ram and shyam was also drawn by mr govind brahmania only


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