19 Jun 2011

Lallubhai Compound, Mankhurd (W)

Projector Friday.

While the internet and the social networks have expanded our horizons and exposure beyond what we could have ever imagined, there seems to be a return to the basics for many of us who are addicted to the minute by minute dose of spectacular ideas and stories that populate our different walls and time lines.

Projector Friday, an initiative by a web design house called Flying Cursor is one such activity.

You can see a list of people who beamed their work at Projector Friday:

But Projector Friday is not just a one off face to face interaction sessions. The Hub is Bandra (pictures) organizes talks every week for a nominal charge. There's an interesting gyan session on typography at Sir JJ's called अक्षरसंवाद. Here's the link to the 6th speaker in the series here.

These are just a few. And these are the free ones. Please do let me know if you know of more in Mumbai, so that I can list them here.

Of course, there are a lot of serious events for specific industries, organised by event managers and with big time speakers. However, they are beyond the reach of most.

An earlier session beamed Videokaaran, a documentary by Jagan.

Crossing boundaries. The latest talk happened in Lallubhai Complex, in Mankhurd. Forcing deo wearing people who prefer to stick around Bandra to see another side of the city. I'm surprised so many turned up!

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