16 Jun 2011

Nare Park

The artist uses a stanza from the Bhagvad Gita that compares the human body to clothes. Just like how we discard old clothes, the soul discards an old and ageing body and wears a new one.

The only problem is that it's highly unlikely. When we die, we die. The End. Samapth. Goodbye and thank you. The closest relative of the soul resides in your gene. Life forms that embraced sexual reproduction gave up immortality for the constant, evolving churn that are passed on to the next generation. We return to dust and our consciousnesses dies with us. So make the most of whatever time you have on earth. There is no second chance. Heaven and hell is right here with you. So is god the devil.

This is why I like the title of this blog from Mumbai: Death Ends Fun.

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