18 Jul 2011


Ward No 17. JJ Hospital.

"JJ iS The Great Man
and smart clever"

Two days after the blast, the JJ Hospital is exceptionally clean. There are no pan stains in a single corner. The floor has no trace of the monsoon rain that's finally "active and vigorous along the Konkan coast". The television cameras have disappeared because there are no dramatic visuals here. There is the calm as a bomb silence and the silent pain of patient recovery that will not interest the rest of the nation.

It's clean because the Prime Minister was here the earlier day.

And someone thought it fit to write these words outside General Ward No 17 where the blast who are not critically ill are recovering.


Viyoma said...

Touched!! Infact it even pained.

We Cognize said...

good, you captured this. I wish people do not forget the pains that the fellow city men will go through all their lifes through. Who knows who will it be next time ! We need to remember this very much.

Thanks for blogging about it and drawing attention :)

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