21 Aug 2011

Off Mohammed Ali Road

What to eat when you wake up after dreaming about
fasting with Anna.

In an online poll by Tehelka, when asked to list the favourite "fast food", there was a clear demarcation between the food chosen by people who actually fast and the likes of me who only love meat or fight corruption by supporting an old man starving himself to death. People who fast, chose food that do not shock your digestive system. They chose comfortable food like easily digestible fruits, with carbohydrates and water content to restore balance in your system.

First fruits, then, chase the fruits down the alimentary canal with a few bites of crispy Bhujiya.

Fasting also makes your mouth very dry. So drinking water and brushing your teeth is also a recommended activity. If you are in a tearing hurry, you can imitate this man with a datoon still in his mouth ordering his food.

And since you are a true Indian waiting for a university seat in America or Australia, this has to be followed by a cup of hot, steaming tea, sticky sweet at its best. And have a healthy debate about the relationship between Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan.


Curry Spice said...

you have to savor these. each of these. Poignant!

And yes I hate you.

Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...

Thank you. I ll take that as a compliment

Marijke said...

beautiful fotoos and i do hope that Anna Harare stays alive.. the corrption has to stop.

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