29 Sep 2011

Lalbag, Dr BR Ambedkar Road

No Man's Land.

Every town in India has one or many of the election or party propaganda material shops. Battleground-Mill-land-Lalbag-Parel also has a few of them where all parties are equal. Election time or not, they are always doing good business because local politicians are always sponsoring local events (especially festival pandals).

Things are a little hotter than usual these days, building up to the 2012 BMC elections.

Dip Stick.

MNS seems to be spending the most on colouring this part of the city. The odd combination of saffron and blue, Shiv Sena and RPI flags, are tied together and trying very hard to make their combination work. NCP seems to be a little dheela this time, the youngsters here seem to prefer MNS. There were a few Congress and BJP flags too. But the new entrant this time is the Anna Hazare cap for the politically neutral or those who don't traditionally bother to vote.

But to judge the voter's mind, we will have to wait until February. It's going to be fun.

Is there an online map like they have for Bangalore wards in Mumbai?
It would be a great idea to know who apun ka local goons are.


Alberto Rojas said...

Sometimes our countries are so similar. Venezuela, and the rest of Latin America, are a constant market political. No wonder that Christopher Columbus when he discovered the Americas (specifically what is now Latin America) thought he had reached India.
In 2012 we will also have a great political festival with the elections and the pathetic Bolivarian Chavez's revolution.

Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...

he knows how to use the people :)

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