24 Oct 2011

Andheri (W)

Bollywood Rockstar: Sonu Nigam

One evening, a few months back, me and Nishita Jha, the reporter I was working with, happened to have a flypast Sonu Nigam's home, car and a concert. We started off from his home-office, followed him in a taxi to the concert and got a chance to jump back stage. However,we never got the interview from him because we were probably too slow for the Mumbai-speed of the Bollywood Playback singing Rockstar.

But first. What does a Rockstar fill his wall with?

Quotes. Please note the time mentioned next to the date.

The rockstar's vehicles.

There are his biggest inspirations - Rafi and friends.

There's also the bike that he uses to take his child for a ride, every day when he is in Mumbai.

And this SUV is his Riyaz machine. Sony Nigam drives his own car and why would a singer play music when he is driving? He sings his own songs.

Actually, Sonu Nigam uses the Mumbai gridlock traff*ck to good use. If he has a concert in Mumbai. He spends the hours behind the wheel preparing for the concert.

Pom Pom.


Vidya Sury said...

Amazing pictures. So did you talk to him or what?

Curry Spice said...

you never told me! so mundane my life seems. u hang with rockstars. his hair is looking nice.

Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...

No. I didn't talk :(

Well, it was wild Sonu chase, it happened long back in April.

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