22 Oct 2011

Juhu Beach + Bandra

Should Writers Be sexier than you?

Author Karan Mahajan was asked to strip and pose for a magazine called Canteen. In this week's Tehelka, he wonders aloud about this new trend to sex up writers.

Read Should Writers be Sexier than you?

To support the article, Tehelka got a few storytellers to create a chota Tehelka with their looks. The ideal Mumbaiya slang would be with their 'Bold' images. The above bold image of Annie Zaidi, author of Known Turf, The Bad Boy's Guide to Good Indian Girl,and Crush was shot to add spice to article.

Also read City Lights 2 now. A poem by Annie that was published in Verve.

Book reading:
You can also listen to her as she reads from her book on 21st October, 7pm, at the Crossword Bookstore, Dynamix Mall, Next to Chandan Cinema, JVPD Scheme.

And here's the real Annie Zaidi. Don't judge her books and writing by the cover or her clothes, she's got a lot of interesting stories to tell.

And here Annie writes in Open. The Magazine about "Flaunting the Write Look" She says: "In a world inundated with books, a female writer’s sexiness serves as a handy marketing tool. But, Annie Zaidi warns, this can prove counter-productive to a writer who wants to be taken seriously"

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