12 Oct 2011


What's cooking in the Salt Pan?

Last weekend, I had shot a few images for Supriya Nair's story in Mint Lounge about the Salt Pans of Mankhurd. (Read story here)

The 12 men who work and live in the Salt Pan have the largest space around them for any resident of Mumbai - almost a square kilometer each! No wonder the people who run the Government are making sure that they realise how the rest of us live and populate that place with concrete buildings and bad drainage and an annual cycle of flooding.

For now, the Salt Pans and the tide driven water system provides these men with dinner. The evening we visited them, there were fresh Inglis Fish or Tilapa and live crabs. Soon they will be made into a simple, spicy curry and served on the plates shown drying on the roof of their hut.

They will also fortify themselves with a good load of alcohol which they will need to deaden their senses to the buzz and bites of mosquitos that can easily slip in through the well-ventilated walls of their humble hut.

It's always a hard days night for them, after spending the whole day clearing channels, regulating water and walking several kilometers around their salt pans.


Monika said...

great photos!

Curry Spice said...

What places you get to discover.. what stories.

Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...


The Floating Clouds said...

Is the guy in the second picture an underage worker?

Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...

he could be. Borderline case.

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