4 Oct 2011

Sector 19, Airoli

Design in schools? Why not?

Not satisfied with designing buildings, a group of young architects from the city are taking a few hours every month to go to schools and teach students the importance of design and to observe how interesting and intelligent the designs we find in daily life are.

I assume that it's because it's easier for these architects and designers to teach kids some commonsense than greying clients.

Jokes apart, this experiment called Designin Schools is an attempt to introduce children to get their hands dirty, design and make simple things. For example, these images are from a session where they were introduced to the properties and use of colours. The children then used it to design posters for the school sports day. It wasn't a competition, it was holi with paper, pen, scissors and glue.

According to Jinu Kurien, the architect leading this initiative, Designin School is not about designing posters or copying what's shown on kids television. It is also not what they do in their regular art and craft classes. It will concentrate of how to come with innovative ideas and to design. He wants to find out if design and innovation can become a spirit that can be inoculated into school children. So that they go around appreciating the wonderful world of designs, ideas and making ideas come alive.

And hopefully one day architects or any one from a idea based industry can explain to clients a concept or and idea without it bouncing.

Those who design for a living with interesting ideas nd interested in doing their bit can contact Jinu Kurien at jinu.kurien@design-works.in

Thank you Designin School and Euroschool for allowing me to click these images.


Curry Spice said...

Big Smile :).
I think it is so important. My first class at CEPT- In Basic Design- I was told to unlearn everything and start over. I think more schools should add basic design and visual perception in their curriculum.

The Floating Clouds said...

That's interesting. Will share this with friends who work on art and education.

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